Anxiety at Work – Tips to Help

anxiety stressAnxiety on the job is more common than you think.  Many who deal with anxiety keep it a private matter and tend to believe they are the only one having to deal with it.  The good news is (well, sort of) that’s just not true.  Anxiety and stress effect a significant amount of people in the workplace.  The challenge is how to deal with it so it doesn’t impact your work as well as your work relationships.

A few days ago,  published an article on – 13 Smart Tips For Handling Yourself At Work If You Have Anxiety, Because It Doesn’t Have To Get Out Of Hand – and I was thrilled that I was able to contribute to the article.

The 13 Smart Tips are just that, tips from various professionals to help anyone dealing with anxiety in the workplace so they can have some tools to help keep things in check.  We all want to feel comfortable on our jobs because we work better when we feel better.

If you, or someone you know, struggles with a high level of stress – please share this article with them.  If they would like to get help and learn ways to reduce their stress level, perhaps even be done with it for good, have them get in touch with me.  Using hypnosis and mindfulness you can take control of your life and feel better in every situation.

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