Fear – Get to the Root of the Problem

fear overcomeFear, or any other challenge you face, can be difficult to overcome unless you can discover the root of the problem.  Do you have a fear that is holding you back?  You can overcome it when you decide to take it seriously.  Once you resolve to get rid of that fear once and for all there is really nothing that can hold you back.  Eliminating fears opens you up to live a more full and rewarding life.


It is important to discover the source of the fear in order to break it’s power.  Once you know where it comes from, what triggers it, you can find ways to manage or erase it completely.  It has been said that there are only two natural fears, fear of falling and that of loud noises, all the rest are learned.  That’s why you can overcome your fear when you take the time to work through it and discover where it came from.  It may be that it was created from an outside experience in your life or it could be the result of your internal response to something that creates the fear.  The process begins by asking yourself why you’re afraid and then examining the answer.


Once you find the source of the fear you are able to determine if this is something you can manage on your own or if you should seek professional help through counseling or hypnosis.


Where to Begin

To be successful in overcoming the fear you need to take control by taking the initiative to get the help you need for the fears that cause you trouble.  Here’s some tips to help you get started:

  • Stay positive. Fears are often produced by negative thoughts and produce negative effects in life.  It’s important to learn to respond differently when the negative thoughts arise.
  • Practice good self-talk. You have the most knowledge when it comes to your fears so become aware of them and break them into smaller parts.  You can then talk yourself through dealing with each little part and ultimately conquer the whole fear.
  • Evaluate your fear. Some fears only take place in the mind, not in reality.  Someone once said that fear means False Expectation About Reality.

How to Overcome Your Fear

It isn’t fun to live life constantly worrying or being afraid something may happen.  It is important to overcome your fear to free you up to live and enjoy life to the max!  You deserve to be free to grow and achieve your full potential.

Here are a few techniques you can use to help relieve your fears or perhaps eliminate them completely:

  • Learn visualization techniques
  • Get the facts
  • Seek a professional to help


Learn visualization techniques

Take time daily to practice visualization.  The goal is to relax your mind and body then imagine or picture yourself taking control of your fear.  See it as something you can break into a million pieces and dispose of it, perhaps (in your mind) you can burn it to ashes and watch them blow away in the wind.  However you choose to destroy it in your mind, picture it happening and feel it as it disappears.


Get the facts

Many fears come from a person’s feeling like they have no control over a particular situation.  By gathering the facts about the situation you can reduce your stress levels because you become more aware of what is true and what may be simply thoughts your mind is generating.   When you can lower your stress level you are better equipped to manage the fear.


Seek a professional to help

Sometimes a person needs a little guidance in learning the skills to overcome their fear.  There’s no shame in seeking help, that’s why we have all sorts of professionals.  We seek help with our cars, appliances, computers and physical bodies from professionals; why seek the help of a hypnotist who can provide insight and guidance so you can learn to overcome your fear?


When you work with a Certified Hypnotist, preferably one who is trained in Mindfulness techniques, you can develop your natural abilities to take control of your life and your thoughts.  If you have a fear that keeps your from enjoying life, let’s talk about how we can work together to overcome those fears and take back your freedom.