Five Steps to Conquer Your Fears

overcome fearsOvercoming your fears may sound like a simple thing to do however, actually applying the necessary techniques can be challenging for the person who has the fear. If the fear is rather strong, some people find it difficult to face it head on so they seek the help of a professional. Regardless of whether you can face the fear your yourself or need to seek out professional help, it’s important that you face the challenge to gain your freedom. Successfully overcoming your fears brings a freedom to life that opens up many opportunities for growth in your career and personal life. It can also aid in building stronger relationships that are more satisfying.

Step One: Take Slow, Steady Actions


Moving slowly but consistently is a great way for those you experience difficulty in copying with the uncomfortable feelings that can be experienced. That doesn’t mean that your fear is so strong that it cannot be overcome, it could be that the fear keeps you from taking positive actions. That’s why it can be helpful to take small steps as opposed to trying to conquer it all at once. Taking small steps can build your confidence to bring success in the steps that follow.
Identifying your fear is the first small step to building up your courage. As you take those small steps, you’ll begin to see that the confidence your developing begins to extend into other parts of your life.

Step Two: Finding the Motivation

It can take time to work through all the steps. One challenge people face is they feel like they’re not making progress if things progress more slowly than they thought. To overcome this challenge it is important to replace any negative thoughts about failure with thoughts that motivate you to succeed.
A good method for motivation is to make a list by writing down every benefit you will enjoy by overcoming your fear. Reading over the list of benefits can be a great motivator for you and help move your forward towards you goal.


Step Three: Change Your Perspective


When people struggle with a fear that holds them back, it can create additional negative thoughts that lead to more challenges. It’s important to know that everyone experiences failure and struggles at various points in life. This is reality and you need to not only be aware of it but you also need to understand it on a deep level.
By changing your perspective about failure and fears you will begin to experience more confidence knowing that everyone deals with these feelings even if they never let them show. Instead of allowing those thoughts to pull you down, use those thoughts to learn more about what areas in your life you would like to improve.
Step Four: Stare Reality in the Face


Many of the fears we develop are because of unpleasant past experiences or worries about future events. Knowing this you can begin to practice Mindfulness to help you get past the fears by focusing on the present. Learn to set goals and plans and follow through with the actions needed to make them happen. Consistent positive action can do wonders to help you succeed which is far better than tearing yourself apart with fear and worry. The only way to move forward is by taking small, steady steps in the right direction.
Step Five: Get a New Perspective


One very effective way to overcome fear is to change how you see yourself and see your fear. When you actively do each of these steps you make progress in your goal to overcome your fear. As you commit to following these steps they will soon become a natural action for you. You won’t have to give much thought to what your going to do or how you’ll respond, you’ll begin to take the positive steps automatically.


Fear can have a powerful negative impact in our lives.  It’s important to address the fear and overcome it so you can experience freedom.  If you feel you need help in overcoming your fears please give me call at 618-589-4848 to learn how hypnosis can benefit you by conquering your fears.