Morning Ritual – Your Brain Loves It

ritual morningDaily rituals, we all have them even though we may not give them much thought.  You probably go to bed about the same time every night. Take the same route to and from work every day.  When you get home you do the same thing with your keys, coat, mail, etc.  And without a thought, reach for the remote as you sit down in your easy chair at the end of the day. You have a morning ritual as well. Hit the snooze button, go to the bathroom, start the coffee, get in the shower, put on your clothes, grab breakfast and out the door.


Your ritual may be different, but it’s a ritual nonetheless.  A ritual is something always done in a particular situation and the same way each time.  Maybe you call it a routine, either way, we all have them.


A morning routine is important because of how your brain works. Your brain loves routines and doing things the same way. People who plan their days with rituals or day planners are quite often healthier, they accomplish more, and have lower stress levels. You can enjoy the same benefits when you create a morning ritual.


When you wake up, your brain is recharged, fresh and ready for taking on tasks. By starting your day the same ritual each day, your mind becomes trained that this is the start of a new day. If you approach each day with a “whatever” type of attitude, your brain struggles because it’s not received a clear signal that it should respond in a particular way. Your daily activities could be all over the place because there’s no clear path or routine for your brain to follow.


If you’ve ever wondered why some days you seem to be in a “funk” or “foggy”, it’s probably because your brain has no routine to give it direction.   You may be less productive and inefficient on your job simply due to the lack of a daily routine. You can make great strides in overcoming this inconsistency by creating a ritual to begin each day. How? Begin doing the same activities, in the same order, and in the timeframe, day after day, and these actions will become an unconscious habit.


Our brains crave order and routine. If begin each and every day by meditating for 15 minutes, your brain will eventually learn what’s coming next. If the next part of your daily ritual is that after meditating you take a shower and get dressed for the day, each of these actions build upon one another for consistent results.


The research shows that when you create a regular morning routine, you have less stress during the day. Stress really effects your productivity and your efficiency. It also can cause poor physical and mental health.


Begin today to create a morning ritual to help you get up and going each day.  Your brain will begin to catch on and you will find that your days become more productive with less stress.


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