Oprah Winfrey says, “I’m Finally at Peace with Food”

hypnosis lose weightOprah discovered what I wrote about months ago (no, she isn’t a client of mine nor do I know if she read my article 3 Obstacles to Losing Weight).  She has finally learned these all important factors about losing weight.

It’s important to point out that Oprah is also a fan of hypnosis.  She has a couple of articles about it on her Oprah.com website, 10 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Lose the Weight-for Good and The Yes-I-Can Diet.


What did Oprah learn that brought her success?


First, she discovered an eating plan that wasn’t too strict so she could feel satisfied and eat healthy at the same time.  When a person tries to follow a diet that is strict on calorie counting and/or food choices it becomes work to stay on it because he or she is fighting the restrictions the diet places upon them.  It’s only natural that we as humans push back on anything that tries to constrain us and make us do something.  It is important to work with someone who can help educate you on how to eat healthy and enjoy the food at the same time.


Second, as Oprah says, “I finally made peace with food” which is understanding the emotional reasons we eat.  From childhood to whatever age you are today, you have been creating emotional ties to food.  Perhaps it was through the routine of always eating a certain food or at a certain place after a special event in life.  It could be that your mom or dad would often give you something to eat whenever you felt bad, got hurt or experienced some other emotional or physical pain.  It could be any number of things that created the emotional ties, the point is you need to be aware of those before you can change.  Hypnosis can help reframe those events so you can still enjoy food without using it as comfort.


Third, you need to have a reason or a “why” that is more than a short-term goal.  Losing weight for a wedding or a reunion is a short-term goal.  My personal belief is that’s why contestants on the Biggest Loser often gain their weight back.  They had a short-term goal, not a life reason, for losing weight.  Oprah was contacted by Weight Watchers for an endorsement deal (which means, get paid to lose weight).  Oprah, with her business savvy, negotiated purchasing 10 percent of the company (according to People Magazine).  I can’t say that I blame her for making money off the deal, it’s just that most of us can’t get paid money to lose weight.


If you can get paid money to lose weight, what can become your “why”?  Your health, your life, your family, your friends, your freedom to travel, go out without feeling uncomfortable about your appearance, and the list can go on.  The important thing is to discover what’s important to you about being the size and shape you want to be.


At Life Change Hypnosis Clinic everyone receives a personalized program of action that includes hypnosis, self-hypnosis and mindfulness training, education about food choices and other resources to help you reach your goals.


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