Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

More than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease.

Tobacco Addiction…

  • is a condition that affects all social, racial and religious groups
  • is characterized by increased personal problems
  • in adolescents often develops rapidly and is characterized by changes in family relationships and poor school performance
  • in adults, addiction affects marital relationships, job performance and can cause legal difficulties

Addiction to tobacco products will not go away with time.
The end result of addiction can be death brought about by associated disease or accident.  Depression, isolation and despair are common emotions that addicts feel.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking:
81% Quit smoking with hypnosis, and
the majority
of those who quit
remained smoke-free a year later.

Elkins, G. R., & Rajab, M. H. (2004). Clinical Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation: Preliminary Results of a Three-Session
intervention  International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 52(1), 73-81. doi:10.1076/iceh.

YOU CAN QUIT if you really want — help is available.
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for it!


Symptoms of addiction may include:

  • Failed attempts to stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco
  • Poor performance in school or work
  • Family and Social problems
  • Anger and irritability when not using tobacco
  • Withdrawal and isolation, Lying
  • The best definition of addiction is simply, “anything that causes a problem — is a problem.”
QuitSuccess™ Program Can Help You…


Tobacco Cessation Training…


#1 – helps individuals resolve underlying depression, confusion and guilt surrounding tobacco use.

#2 – helps individuals discover methods to quit, avoid relapse, replace old behaviors and change patterns of thinking related to smoking and smokeless tobacco use.

#3 – addresses relapse prevention by treating the whole person, including emotional triggers, physical fitness and nutritional changes, and strengthening spiritual and psychological well-being


Effective Tobacco Freedom Solutions from Life Change Hypnosis Clinic Include:

  • Learning How To Quit Successfully
  • Developing a Tobacco Free Identity
  • Individual Coaching and Needs Assessment
  • Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Managing Anger and Depression
  • Creating Positive Alternatives


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