Weight Loss Foundations Special

Welcome to this special offer page!

If you’re wanting to lose weight than this may be the most important day of your life.

Life Change Hypnosis Clinic is now located in Stillpointe Wellness Center in Belleville, IL. The move was completed just a week or so ago and I decided to do something special to celebrate the new office.

My Weight Loss Foundations Program is a great way to begin developing a healthy lifestyle that empowers you to lose that excess weight easily and naturally.  No strict diets, no supplements, no pre-packaged food and no difficult exercise programs.

Sound good so far?

I’ve had people go through this 4 week program that went on to lose 60 pounds over the next several months and they’ve kept the weight off for a year now.

When you enter the program we will meet once a week for 4 weeks and using a combination of powerful tools, including coaching, hypnosis and special online training, you will experience changes on a deep level to help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Most people lose weight only to gain it back (along with a few more pounds) because diets don’t work for long-term success. You need to learn why you eat the way you do, what emotions are driving you to gain the weight and how to let those old habits go without starving yourself or working out an hour a day at the gym.

When you change the programs in your mind, you change your life.  It’s not “magic”, it’s working with a professional who can help guide you to make those healthy changes.

If you would like to lose that stubborn weight and develop a healthy lifestyle then click the button below to secure your program now. 

And because this is a special page to celebrate the opening of the new location, I have lowered the investment to the program price when I opened my first office in 2010.

That means that for the FIRST 10 people who pay in full to reserve their program they can get the entire 4 Week Weight Loss Foundations Program for only $260 (that’s 48% off the normal program price). But it’s only for the first 10 who click the button below and reserve their program.

You can reserve your Program now and schedule to begin later in the year if you want, or you can begin at the earliest opening on my schedule.  Either way you can save almost half off the normal program rate when you act now.