3 Obstacles to Losing Weight

losing weight hypnosisIf you are like most people when it comes to losing weight,  you have lost a few pounds only to gain them back a few months down the road. It’s frustrating and a common problem. To help you do better here are 3 common obstacles I see people make when trying to lose weight:

Obstacle #1: Being too strict in your plans. It’s common knowledge that to lose weight a person needs to reduce calories and exercise regularly. Often times people get fired up and jump into a strict diet and/or exercise program that simply isn’t easy to maintain for life. It may be motivating at first because you see some results. The soreness in your muscles begins to fade and you feel better. But it’s tough to keep exercising an hour a day and watching everything you eat so you don’t go over your calories for the day. We all want to lose those extra pounds quickly but the key to keeping them off is to develop a healthy lifestyle that allows you to enjoy eating and exercising so you are more likely to develop the healthy lifestyle you desire. Applying Mindfulness techniques to your life can be a big help in following your plan without all the guilt and judgment that often accompanies too strict of a diet and exercise program.


Obstacle #2: Not recognizing there often are emotional ties to your eating habits. We are familiar with the term “comfort foods”. Why are they comforting? There is some emotional connection to eating those particular foods and they have nothing to do with hunger. Our minds create associations with events, people, locations and food that are stored away as good memories for various reasons. The subconscious mind holds onto these beliefs because they offer protection in some form. These beliefs are not always obvious nor do they always make sense in the present. When we find those connections we can use hypnosis work to rewire them to create new connections that make it easier to make better food choices, eliminate or reduce cravings and curb overeating.


Obstacle #3: Not having a big “Why”. Most people can drop a few pounds to get ready for a wedding, class reunion or vacation. We’ve seen many of the contestants on The Biggest Loser who lost a lot of weight, looked great and experienced success only to return to their old habits after the contest ended. Why? It could be they were in it for the prize more than for the positive life changes. Losing weight permanently is motivated by an important reason for creating the change. It could be a serious health problem that becomes the motivation, perhaps it’s seeing children or grandchildren grow up or being able to participate more in life. Finding the “Why” is an important part of success in weight loss. That’s where coaching comes in. Working with a qualified Life Coach you can determine what really matter to you, and that’s what’s most important to success. It has to be important to you. Important enough that you decide that you will eat better and you will exercise regularly because YOU want to make those good habits a part of your life.
When a person finds a balanced plan they can follow, understands any emotional ties to their eating habits so they can change those thoughts and connects it all to one or more important reasons for making the healthy changes they are well on their way to success at losing weight.