Mark Howell is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and an ordained minister.  His passion is helping people move forward in their lives and experience success in their endeavors.


Since 2010 he has been helping people change their lives in many ways using hypnosis.  His clients have enjoyed success with weight loss, smoking cessation, sports performance, test anxiety, breaking habits, stress reduction and life coaching.


Mark is also a Stage Hypnotist traveling the Mid West performing comedy hypnosis shows as well as Hypnosis Demonstrations for schools, clubs and churches.


Peace  Balance  Power  


That’s the core of every program offered at Life Change Hypnosis Clinic because most clients come in having tried so many things to solve their problems without success.  They are frustrated because they did what they thought was right and yet it did not work for them.


Does that sound familiar?  Have you tried to lose weight or stop smoking only to fall back into the old habits once again?


It’s not your fault.  Most, if not all, of the programs being sold through infomercials or on the Internet are designed to make money more so than to help.  They teach general principles that many of us already know, they simply repackage them to look “new & improved” to entice people who really need help into spending their money on another product.


These products are designed for the masses, not created just for you.  They do not take into account your specific situation in life.  They have no idea about, nor do they address, any of the emotional parts of losing weight, giving up smoking or any making any other changes you want to make for a better life.


Our programs are always tailored to your needs.  We do not offer “magic pills” or “special diets” that will instantly create a new body for you.


When you work with Mark you will have a program designed based upon a full range of information about you, your needs and desires to help you have peace, balance and power in your life.


Working together you will be guided to master true empowerment by learning new skills to create the life you want.  Finding Peace to calm your mind, reduce stress and enable you to gain clarity in looking at your situation.  Creating Balance in your life to keep things calm every day in your mind and body which leads to giving you the Power to experience lasting change.


If you’re tired of …

  • losing weight only to gain it back.
  • stopping smoking for just a few days or weeks
  • being fearful of situations or places
  • feeling trapped at a level of income or lack of success


…or some other challenge you’re facing…


Call 618-589-4848 to schedule a complimentary confidential consultation to learn how hypnosis along with other powerful tools can help you reach your goals.

Our Belleville Hypnosis office is accessible to the Metro-East area.  The hypnosis office is just minutes away from Swansea, O’fallon, Shiloh, Fairview Heights, Mascoutah, Collinsville and other cities in the Metro-East.


Located at Stillpointe Wellness Center

2135 Dorothy Drive

Belleville, IL 62223